Flanders Environment Agency

Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij (VMM)

Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij


Why is the Flanders Environment Agency participating in CATCH?

VMM is an independent government agency under supervision of the Flemish Ministry of Environment, Nature and Agriculture and is a leading party in the development of climate adaptation strategies in Flanders. This requires close cooperation with all cities in the region. Within the CATCH project the VMM will gain experience on how interests of midsize cities (and citizens) and regional authorities can be transformed into long term climate adaptation strategies. The tools developed in the CATCH project will help to facilitate this process and determine how the impact of the pilot of VMM can be optimised.

What is your main role in the project?

VMM will act as the leading partner of the pilot in city of Herentals. Within the CATCH project is will share its extensive experience on data processing and forecasting, policy recommendations and the development of solutions that can help adapt to the impacts of extreme weather events. The VMM will use the experience of the partnership to intensify its relationship with city levels, policies and citizens.

What experience do you have with regards to climate adaptation?

The VMM is very experienced in the field of climate adaptation and water management. It aims to prevent and eliminate harmful effects to water systems. Their MIRA Climate report (2015) presents (future) climate changes and these findings give direction to the climate policy in Flanders and the concrete climate adaptation measures taken by the operational services of VMM.

What is the organisation’s experience in participating EU co-financed projects or other international projects?

VMM has a long-standing experience in the management of INTERREG projects as a coordination or associated beneficiary in the past 15 years. VMM participates in the activities of the European CIS for the WFD and is one of the driving forces of the International Scheldt Commission (ISC). VMM was the lead partner in the project Scaldit and ScaldWIN (both INTERREG NWE). In the current NS programme VMM participates in the projects Topsoil and Building with Nature.