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Why is Enschede participating in CATCH?

The city of Enschede strives to further develop its climate adaptation strategy by combining urban water management with achieving other goals, like improving quality of life, biodiversity, safety and spatial quality. The joint development of a decision support tool in the CATCH project will support the city to identify the impact of measures and to involve local stakeholders. Furthermore, it will bring transnational experiences to be taken up in the local living lab.

What is your main role in the project?

The city of Enschede will actively participate in all work packages. It will contribute to the joint development of tools and the joint formulation of pilots within CATCH. Their experiences will inspire other cities and will contribute to the development of the decision support tool. The experiences from the partnership will support the further development of Enschede to become a water sensitive city.

What experience do you have with regards to climate adaptation?

Water management is one of the statutory duties of the city of Enschede. Due to high groundwater levels and the absence of the original stream structure, the city is challenged to find new ways to cope with flood events. The city is a front runner in the area of climate adaptation in the NL and one of the founders of ‘Climate Active City approach’. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment assigned the city as living lab for climate resilient measures in urban development.

What is the organisation’s experience in participating EU co-financed projects or other international projects?

The city of Enschede participated in several EU co-financed projects like the INTERREG 4B projects SURF, INTERREG 4C URMA and the HORIZON 2020 project EMPOWER. Furthermore the city developed and managed several Objective 2 ERDF projects and ESF projects.