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Why is Vejle participating in CATCH?

Vejle is one of the 10 most vulnerable areas in Denmark at risk from flooding. Though water is a well maintained and monitored asset of Vejle, the city continually needs to address the serious threats of climate change. In 2016, Vejle released Europe’s first Resilience Strategy. But with continually changing conditions the strategy needs further elaboration.

With CATCH Vejle will review its climate adaptation strategy and test measures. The tools developed in CATCH and the expertise of the partnership will help Vejle to determine climate adaptation measures with the highest impact and will accelerate the development of the long term climate adaptation strategy for Vejle.

What is your main role in the project?

Vejle is participating in all the work packages of the CATCH project. It will bring its own experiences and use the experience of the other public partners and research institutes in the project. The city will provide and manage an interesting pilot that will inspire other midsize cities and will test the different functionalities of the dashboard tool. With its long experience of co-creation Vejle contributes to a citizen-oriented approach in the development of climate adaptation strategies.

What experience do you have with regards to climate adaptation?

Vejle is a front runner in Europe on climate adaptation and very experienced in the field of urban water management. They are a member of the prestigious international 100 Resilient Cities network and Climate KIC. In Vejle special attention is given to community involvement.

What is the organisation’s experience in participating EU co-financed projects or other international projects?

Vejle is experienced in participating in EU co-financed projects. They participated in the North SEA programme with the projects Sustainable Energy Planning, NSSEP-PLUS and HyTrE. They also participated in projects like Smart Mature Resilience (Horizon 2020), Future Sewage (Regionalfond Denmark), Building and Construction Waste (Regionalfond Denmark), SMART Natura (LIFE-programme) and DRAGONLIFE (LIFE-programme).