Partner meeting

30 March 2021 - Published by Manon van de Riet
On March 10, 2021 the CATCH practice partners presented the finalisation of their pilots during the partner meeting. We are proud to give an impression!
  • Arvika – Has finished its pilot, and you can see that the purification screens are working! It’s clearly visible that particles are captured by the screens, resulting in clear water in Lake Kyrkviken.
  • Enschede - the reconstruction of the Pinkeltjes Square part of the City Brook is finished and shows added value. Estate agents now recommend the nice environment as a unique selling point.
  • OOWV – The work on the traffic rerouting system in times of flooding is in progress. While we do not wish for flooding, we are very eager to see it work!
  • Norfolk County Council– is working on the installation of the water butts in Norfolk. They experience challenges but receive compliments on the way they are dealing with them!
  • VMM - the design of a climate proof river valley in the city of Herentals is almost finished. A project with many challenges: how to deal with nature, private properties, heritage? It all came along.
  • Vejle – Has finished the reconstruction of the playground as a water sensitive area but need help from citizens in finding a good name!
  • Zwolle - is into serious gaming. It really helps to create active involvement of citizens. After the mobile escape room, they finalise their work by testing the concept of a garden battle

 Below a photo impression of all pilots.undefined