CATCH Extension

16 June 2021 - Published by Manon van de Riet
CATCH has been awarded an extension by the Interreg NSR Steering committee, and that is fantastic news!

The ambition of the CATCH partnership with the extension is to take the CATCH decision support tool and the lessons learned to a next level. The aim is to increase the level of water sensitivity in midsize cities. This means that these cities take adaptive measures against climate change that create added value for the whole society.

And thus, creating a positive economic impulse, instead of being costly. We are going to increase the impact of the CATCH project further by enlarging the network of cities that develop and implement CATCH climate adaptation strategies. To achieve this, we will:

1. Add an easy-to-use method to quantify the value of ecosystem services to the CATCH decision support webtool.

2. Support the creation of water sensitive communities by providing inspiring and effective examples and methods that fit midsize cities.

3. Create a learning network for and with midsize cities in the North Sea Region.

This focus of the CATCH extension leads to considerable acceleration of the climate change adaptation process of midsize cities in the North Seas Region, that continues beyond project lifetime.