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CATCH presented at Singapore Water Week 2021 Online

20 July 2021

Following the dissemination of the at the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) in 2018, now was the time to present the CATCH decision support tool (DST) at the ‘SI…

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CATCH Extension

16 June 2021

CATCH has been awarded an extension by the Interreg NSR Steering committee, and that is fantastic news!

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CATCH self-assessment tool customized to monitor Zwolle’s Climate Adaptation Goals

09 June 2021

In July 2019, the city of Zwolle presented its climate Adaptation Strategy (ZAS). Building on the ‘monitoring and navigation’ component of the ZAS, Zwolle is planning to monitor and evaluate its clima…

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Do the Garden battle!

08 June 2021

Another Interreg NSR programme Project CATCH production is finalised! After the mobile climate escape room, the city of Zwolle and Climate Campus made a Garden Battle. A serious game where you can ma…

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CATCH publication in German journal WWT

17 May 2021

In December 2020 the professional journal WWT published an article about the CATCH Project which is funded through the EU Interreg B Programme. In this article WWT spoke with Robert Sprenger, head of …

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CATCH-project included in Dutch article about transitioning towards the Water Sensitive City

05 May 2021

In December 2020 the research partners of the EU Interreg project CATCH published an article about ‘Transitioning towards the water sensitive city: coping with urban densification, water management an…

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CATCH on the Mondial playing field

29 April 2021

In October 2020, CATCH joined a meeting for scoping of an international engagement strategy for Water sensitive cities.

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Pilot Vejle finished

26 April 2021

Vejle has finished its pilot. In the video below they show the results and explain how CATCH contributed to the development of Vejle to become a water sensitive city.

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Partner meeting

30 March 2021

On March 10, 2021 the CATCH practice partners presented the finalisation of their pilots during the partner meeting. We are proud to give an impression!

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CATCH session at the Joint International Resilience Conference

01 December 2020

On 23 November 2020 we organized a session at the Joint International Resilience Conference. The conference was held online and organised by the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering and the Future Re…

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