The Adapt My City tool

Midsize cities in the North Sea Region face challenges from climate change and extreme weather. How do they gain insight in how their city is doing? How can they find solutions and develop a strategy for the future? This is where the Adapt My City tool comes in.

The Adapt My City tool was developed in the Interreg NSR CATCH project. The tool offers practical guidance to midsize cities. Cities gain insight in their current situation, learn what to focus on and how to resolve problems. The tool is a guidance to develop a climate change adaptation strategy that is tailored to a city’s needs.

This is how it works

The Adapt My City tool and good practice examples were developed to support midsize cities in determining long term climate adaptation strategies. If they have an adaptation strategy in place, they can improve consistently by entering a cycle for continuous improvement in climate change adaptation. Two main steps are to be followed.

  1. Start with the Assess My City tool to determine your city’s starting position in climate change adaptation. Learn your strengths and weaknesses and gain more insight in the current situation and what to focus on for solutions.
  2. Secondly, apply the Adapt My City Cycle, to structure your city’s steps to develop a climate change adaptation strategy. The adaptation cycle helps to develop and execute a climate adaptation strategy that fits your situation. Within the adaptation cycle there are two specific questionnaires, one to assess the governance situation and a second, one to assess the ecosystem services.

Once you have gone through the adaptation cycle and established your strategy, you can start implementing. Periodically, you can evaluate by applying the self-assessment questionnaire again. The climate adaptation cycle therefore, is a tool for continuous improvement. Apply this cycle until you reach the ideal climate adaptive city state: the water sensitive city.


Learn more about the tool, download the folder.

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Below are some videos to explain more about the steps in the Adapt My City tool. 

Self-assessment - Assess my city 

Climate Adaptation Cycle - Adapt My City 

Governance Assessment 

Ecosystem Assessment 

Water Sensitive Cities Theory