About us

CATCH stands for 'water sensitive Cities: the Answer To CHallenges of extreme weather events'. The overall objective of CATCH is to demonstrate and accelerate the redesign of urban water management of midsize cities in the North Sea Region in order to become climate resilient cities that are sustainable, liveable and profitable on the long term.

This will be achieved by the joint development of decision support tools that will support midsize cities to formulate long term climate adaptation strategies. The design of the tools is based on the specific needs and characteristics of midsize cities. The tools will be tested in the formulation, execution and evaluation of 7 pilots.

CATCH addresses the special needs of midsize cities to deal with climate change adaptation and the resulting extreme weather events. In the North Sea Region 80% of the population live in urban areas of which a majority lives in midsize cities. Due to its scale, limited resources and expertise and tight connection with the surrounding region, midsize cities face a number of specific challenges to deal with climate change adaptation compared to large cities.

Inspired by the water sensitive cites theory, the experienced partnership will develop a decision support tool and roadmap to support midsize cities in designing long term climate adaptation strategies. CATCH will demonstrate that midsize cities in cooperation with their partners can accelerate the urgent process to become climate resilient. This results in inspiring examples in the 7 pilot cities, accompanied with a practical and usable set of generic tools for further uptake and dissemination in the North Sea Region.

The CATCH project offers the partnership the unique possibility to join forces (on European and regional level) and creates a unique momentum to change local behaviour, create European awareness, and support NSR midsize cities to make a significant step forward to become a water sensitive city.