Carbon Farming

Workshop: How do farmer and soil get rich by sequestrating carbon?

23 February 2021 - Published by Paula Nijman
The Biokennisweek, an online event for the Dutch organic sector, took place from the 18th till the 22nd of January and occurred in the light of our climate. Heleen Klinkert (project leader Carbon Farming at Bionext) engaged in a discussion about the challenges of CO2 sequestration in Dutch soil with Hans Akkermans, farmer, and Jan Paul Wagenaar, researcher.

Hans Akkerman is an organic arable farmer and participates in the Carbon Farming showcase around Windpark Krammer. Jan Paul Wagenaars is researcher at the Louis Bolk Institute and researches the effect of different measures that farmers can take to sequestrate more carbon into the soil. Their discussion on the challenges of CO2 sequestration in Dutch Soil sheds light on the benefits and implications of a variaty of carbon sequestration techniques for farmers in the Netherlands. 

Another topic that is highlighted in the interview is the pilot that Bionext launched last year together with local farmers. Bionext collaborates with three farmers that take measures to sequester carbon. The organic fair Biobeurs, organized by Bionext, pays a remuneration to these farmers for the services they provide. An example of one of these farmers is highlighted in this interview through a short sneak peek on the Carbon Farming movie that will go in première later this year.


The recording of the Dutch interview.