Carbon Farming

Successful Online-Conference on Agroforestry

16 September 2021 - Published by Paula Nijman
Nearly 200 interested people were impressed by sound contributions from science and inspired by examples from practice at an online conference organized by the 3N Competence Center in April within the framework of the Carbon Farming project.

Some pioneer farmers did remarkable investments in more climate change resilient production systems. Thereby carbon will be fixed in the above and below ground biomass of woody plants. This can be 106 t C/ha in an average fuelwood production system, about 50% of it in stumps and roots. Additional food and shadow for cows and chicken are other important aspects. In Germany, politicians seem to have recognized the ecological benefits of enriching the field with woody plants, so that the legal framework and the financial support for agroforestry systems are likely to improve soon with the new CAP-period.