Carbon Farming

Research of existing business models to valorise carbon sequestration now online

16 November 2020 - Published by Paula Nijman
How do we valorise carbon sequestration? That is the question which our Belgian colleagues from Inagro tried to answer. In a report on currently existing business models you are shown what options there are, and you will see many examples of implementations.

It is becoming increasingly clear which farming techniques have the biggest potential of improving carbon sequestration on agricultural soils and that this potential and suitability of the different techniques is region-specific.

To put these techniques successfully into practice, a significant return on investment has to be guaranteed for farmers and other stakeholders investing time and money in these techniques. Therefore, economic and ecological viable business models using carbon sequestration need to be defined first. This will allow us to utilise the potential of carbon farming to green the food supply chain, restore the organic composition of the soil, increase biodiversity and store atmospheric carbon.

For this, we made an inventory of existing business models that can be used as an example and source of inspiration for future similar initiatives, with initiators in four different domains: the farmer himself, chain partners, companies outside the chain and (local) government.

Have a look at how others valorize adoption of carbon farming techniques and get inspired!

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