Carbon Farming

Carbon Farming for greening the food supply chain

The agricultural sector holds great potential for storing carbon in the soil and thereby contributing to regional and national climate goals. The Carbon Farming project aims to green the food supply chain by stimulating the storage of carbon in agricultural soils. Over the course of 3 years 7 partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Norway (ZLTO, Bionext, Innovation Support Center, Inagro, Thünen Institut, 3N Kompetenzzentrum and NLRØ). will be working on this theme


Greening the food supply chain through Carbon Farming (CF) will restore the organic component of the soil; actively remove atmospheric CO2, increasing soil biodiversity, and providing better nutrient and water holding capacity for crops.

This project will test and validate economically viable business cases for carbon sequestration in the whole agri-food chain and for third parties to compensate their environmental footprint. It will also raise awareness on the possibilities and benefits of CS amongst entire supply chains. Results are an increased awareness of the economic and ecologic potential of CS, improved soil physics, and 10.000 tons of CO2 (equivalent) sequestered in soil.