Carbon Farming

Invitation Carbon Farming Conference December 8 and 9

17 November 2021 - Published by Paula Nijman
Carbon farming can play an important role in slowing down global warming. But how do we motivate as many farmers as possible to change to carbon farming? During the Conference 'Incentivizing Carbon Farming' on 8 and 9 December, farmers, policymakers, knowledge institutions, and other stakeholders will tackle this question. Get your ticket now for the online plenary program on December 8th, and for the online workshops on December 9th.

Farmers have the perfect position to deliver a positive impact on our climate challenges and the climate goals that are formulated to reduce emissions by 2030 and achieve climate neutrality in 2050. Through better soil management and carbon farming, farmers can sequester carbon into their soils, caught from atmospheric CO2. To capture as much carbon as possible it is essential that policymakers stimulate farmers in a positive way to change to carbon farming. How? We will discuss this during our conference ‘Incentivising Carbon Farming’. Four years ago a consortium of Dutch, Flemish, German, and Norwegian partners started the Interreg North Sea Region Carbon Farming project. During this conference, they will share their learnings and recommendations.

Program and tickets
You will find the full program and tickets here. Tickets are provided free of charge.

Plenary program December 8th
On December 8th an online plenary program of the conference ‘Incentivizing Carbon Farming’ takes place. Together we will focus on two major topics that are important for incentivising carbon farming:
• Business models for carbon sequestration
• Stimulating policy
With various interesting speakers such as farmers, companies, policymakers and knowledge institutions, and also Executive Vice-President of the EU Frans Timmermans to speak about the EU Carbon Farming Initiative. You will find the whole program online.

Workshops December 9th
On December 9th there will be a full day of online webinars on various subjects related to carbon farming such as:
• Most promising carbon farming techniques
• Local carbon platforms
• Chances and limits of soil carbon for climate protection - techniques, capacities and analytics
• Carbon farming and regenerative farming
• Carbon farming and organic farming
• Diving deeper into some pilot projects where farmers get rewarded for carbon farming
• With experiences from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France
You will find the whole program online.

Note: due to the recent increase of COVID-19, it was decided to do the complete event online. This also applies to the plenary session on December 8, which was originally to take place in Brussels, but which can now only be attended online.