Carbon Farming

Get on with carbon farming

23 February 2021 - Published by Paula Nijman
To highlight the regional accents in carbon sequestration techniques, Carbon Farming partners developed their own regional guidelines with specific regional accents. These guidelines were developed in addition to the reports on carbon sequestration techniques that were written in the frame of the project. To further support the implementation on regional level, Inagro (BE) decided to offer interested farmers the opportunity to subscribe for a ‘carbon scan’.

When an agriculturist requests a carbon scan, a soil expert visits the interested party for investigating the possibilities on the soil of his/her company. The soil expert gives advice on potential, most promising techniques and how to apply them as well as insight in costs and benefits.

The carbon scan is set up in order to get farmers familiar with the possibilities of long term carbon sequestration on their agricultural soil to contribute to reversing climate change and work on a healthy and resilient soil that is more resilient to extreme weather conditions.

If you are interested and situated in Flanders, apply for the carbon scan via or +32(0)51 27 33 92.