Carbon Farming

Carbon Farming went on stage in Germany

28 March 2019 - Published by Paula Nijman
Session: New line of business systemic soil improvement

The international Congress "ECO-innovations from biomass" in Papenburg, organized by the Carbon Farming project partner 3N Competence Center (, was a great opportunity to spread the ideas of carbon farming among the agricultural community. More than 220 experts, mainly from Germany and the neighboring Netherlands took part in that congress, six of them involved in the Carbon Farming project. There was one session called "New line of business systemic soil improvement“ where Roel Clement explained  the Carbon Farming project, including the news about the co-operation between Friesland and Kaindorf (Austria) (see: In addition, some practical approaches to increace humus content in soils were presented:

The congress was a great opportunity to collect ideas for carbon friendly supply chains and to create new networks.

Ernst Kürsten