Carbon Farming

Carbon Farming in Norla 2019 – 70. North-German Agricultural Exhibition

19 September 2019 - Published by Paula Nijman
On 05 – 08.09.2019 Thuenen Institute of Organic Farming presented the Carbon Farming project on 70. North-German Agricultural Exhibition in Rendsburg. We had very interesting discussions with the visitors, who was primarily farmers or consumers. Some of the farmers have an interest to take a part on our next workshop and to bring their ideas to develop new models for marketing of carbon sequestration in soil. Dr. Hans Marten Paulsen a presentation on the discussion panel about the possibilities and techniques of C-sequestration in soil through carbon farming. There were representatives of seed and organic fertilizer firms that have also interest on implementation of carbon credits in agriculture und on business models based on C-sequestration in soils.