Carbon Farming

Carbon Farming at the AGRITECHNIICA 2019

19 November 2019 - Published by Paula Nijman
The world's leading trade fair for agricultural technology, the AGRITECHNICA in Hannover (Germany) was the ideal place to spread the ideas of Carbon Farming.

The 3N Competence Center had the opportunity to exhibit a poster and to talk to many visitors on the stand of  the Lower Saxony Ministry of Agriculture. Directly opposite of this stand the''Acre of Knowledge'' offered a slot in its International Forum where Dr. Ernst Kürsten could give a presentation on''Carbon Farming – How to earn money by carbon sequestration in agriculture''. All the available 30 seats were packed with interested visitors.

The highlight was the conference ''Carbon storage als new business modell for farmer'' on Nov. 14th, jointly organised by the German Interreg-partners Thünen Institute and 3N Competence Center: it had to be shifted to a bigger room because of the great demand. Finally some of the participants had to listen standing since even there were not enough seats for 150 people. The pesentations were on soil carbon in general and on existing models of carbon crediting for farmers. The Austrian ''Kaindorf-Model'' is just being implemented in Germany by three organisations.

In a nutshell it can be reported, that the farmers in Germany (and in other countries) became aware that the standard practices of agriculture have to be changed due to weather extremes, increasing limitations in pesticide and fertilizer use,  more and more resistances of pests against these chemicals. The key to solve most of the problems is a healthy soil rich in humus. But, the way to go there needs ideas, courage and money. Therefore the Carbon Farming project is just coming at the right moment to support the switch to new pathways.



Dr. Ernst Kürsten presenting the Carbon Farming project       


Visit of the Lower Saxony Minister of Agriculture Barbara Otte-Kinast  at the 3N-stand