Carbon Farming

Carbon Farming as a central topic at the Belgian Agribex fair!

24 September 2021 - Published by Paula Nijman
The organisation of Agribex contacted us to help them with making carbon farming known on the fair. Therefore, we collaborated and decided to make carbon farming one of the main topics of the fair! And thus, in December we will organise our end conference in Brussels at the Agribex fair.

In addition, to attract attention to this topic, de fair and our carbon farming final conference, Agribex asked the project to participate in one of their seven podcasts. The podcast is dedicated to the topic of carbon farming and was recorded this week. There were four participants: Kris Heirbaut (a Belgian carbon farmer), Marc Sneyders (Head Sustainable Operations Bayer), Jana Roels (Innovation consultant Climate at Boerenbond), and Tom van Nieuwenhove (Agri-environmental researcher at Inagro).

In the podcast, the participants explain what we should understand behind the concept of carbon farming and which techniques you can apply, but also why farmers should be rewarded for their CO2 reduction.
All participants agreed that a proper reward for carbon storage is necessary and justified. Carbon farmers have a unique skill because they can literally store CO2 in their soils in the form of carbon. If we as a society would like to become climate positive one day, we will only be able to do this with the help of carbon farmers!

Yet, some important sidenotes were made. Will we be able to stop climate change by carbon farming? No, but it can and will need to be one of the many steps to get there. For example, we have to aim for companies that first have a look at how to reduce their own carbon footprint, before investing in compensation projects such as carbon farming. In addition, some recommendations were made to policymakers to ensure a motivating context and not obligatory legislation for carbon farmers. Let private markets exist alongside policy objectives.