Carbon Farming

Call for Participation; Carbon Farming

08 May 2019 - Published by Paula Nijman
Call for cooperation on innovative business models for carbon fixation in the soil.


The Carbon Farming consortium is looking for companies and leaders in sustainability to develop business models. Are you interested, do you have ideas or are you a creative thinker and experienced in developing new business models? Join us and leave your contact details and information here. The Carbon Farming partner from your region (in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or Norway) will contact you to invite you to a meeting where interested parties and ideas willcome together.

Carbon Farming is a promising wayto slow down climate change and to increase the fertility of our agricultural land. In this way, Carbon Farming contributes to regional and national
climate goals. Successful examples of exploiting the potential of carbon binding in agricultural soils requires cooperation between landowners and players from both within and outside the agri-food chain. To facilitate this, guidance is provided across Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Norway for 15 projects that focus on initiatives in this domain.

Let us know if you are interested in Carbon Farming and you will be invited to join a meeting in your region in the near future.

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