Carbon Farming

Brainstormsession on potential incentives for carbon sequestration in Flanders, Belgium

27 September 2019 - Published by Paula Nijman
In September, Inagro and Innovatiesteunpunt organized brainstorm sessions on potential incentives for carbon sequestration in Flanders.

Interest and attention for climate and sustainability increases. We can all take efforts in these domains, but only the farmer is able to capture CO2 from the air in the soil by applying techniques such as cover crops, use of organic fertilizer and non- or reduced tillage. However, although those techniques increase the fertility of agricultural land and water holding capacity of the soil, investments are nowadays not always profitable on farm level. Collaboration with actors from within and outside the agri-food chain can create a win-win for different parties, shown by existing inspiring examples cross border.  For example, sustainability initiatives  in collaboration with developing countries where travellers pay for the plantation of trees to compensate the CO2-footprint of their flight.

A first brainstorm session on potential incentives for farmers was held on September 12th in Ghent. Besides, sessions with individual companies were scheduled in Flanders. The first insights show interest from different angles. Food and non-food companies, events as well as non-for profit-organisations realize that collaboration with the agricultural sector offers unique opportunities to reach sustainability goals. Now, it is about the elaboration of initiatives, and to come to collaboration in which all actors are convinced of the added value on the level of their organisation.