Carbon Farming

Agricultural trade supplemented by Carbon Farming service

09 February 2021 - Published by Paula Nijman
Under the CarboAgrar brand, ATR Landhandel takes on the role of intermediary and brings farmers and companies together. Since February 2021, interested farmers will get advise on the possibilities on their farm.

An accredited laboratory determines the humus content in the initial condition. Then it will be discussed which measures make sense to successfully build up humus. After five years, another sampling will take place to evaluate the success of the chosen measures. After another five years, the final examination of the soil will be carried out. The calculated sequestration of CO2 is used to calculate the farmers revenue which will be funded by companies interested in buying carbon credits.

The business of ATR Landhandel is centered around agriculture. They deliver compound feed, seed, fertilizer, plant protection, and other products to farmers. A team of over 100 sales representatives and experts in livestock feeding and agronomy serves the need of 15,000 farmers. The company has become the private supplier with the largest direct sales volume of agricultural inputs in Germany, and is mainly focussing on Northern and Eastern Germany as well as on Denmark and Poland.  

Our project partners 3N Kompetenzzentrum and Thünen consulted ATR Landhandel during the preperation of this carbon farming service CarboAgrar.