Carbon enrichment in agricultural soils and the possibilities for marketing of climate protection certificates.

Event duration: 3 hours
Venue: Thünen Institute for Organic Farming, Trenthorst 32, 23847 Westerau, Germany
Einladung: Kohlenstoffanreicherung in landwirtschaftlichen Böden und Möglichkeiten der Vermarktung von Klimaschutzzertifikaten (Invitation: Carbon fortification in agricultural soils and possibilities of marketing carbon credits)


What practical options are available in Germany for the humus structure? How effective are these approaches? Which business models can you support? We would like to discuss this with you at this meeting and cordially invite you to Thünen Institute for Organic Farming. After presentation and discussion of current approaches, we will celebrate with you our field trial for carbon enrichment under ecological and conventional management and we can exchange practical information in the field. You will be taken good care with coffee and cake! We look forward to your active participation and interesting discussions.     

The complete program for the workshop is provided below:


For registeration and further questions please contact the following people: 

Dr. Hans Marten Paulsen 

Tel: 04539 8880 316


M.Sc. Zaur Jumshudzade

Tel: 04539 8880 220