Healthy soils, healthy climate

The Carbon Farming project aims for a double goal: mitigate climate change and improve agricultural soils. How? By implementing carbon sequestration (CS) techniques on farm-level: fixing CO2 from the atmosphere in soils and improving the soil quality and biodiversity. Healthy soils, healthy climate. A win-win situation.

The seven partners of the Carbon Farming project are working between Sep 2018 and Aug 2021 to promote Carbon Farming in the North Sea Region. We believe that Carbon Farming is not only of interest for farmers, but that the whole society can benefit. We are therefore not only focusing on implementing CS techniques on farm, but also facilitate collaboration between farmers and interested parties, in- and outside the food chain.

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Latest Project News

Carbon farming goes overseas

28 July 2020

Due do his former work as a visiting lecturer at the Forest Research Institute University in Dehradun (India), Dr. Ernst Kürsten had got an invitation…

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Carbon credits for biochar production

01 July 2020

To meet the global 'two degree aim' of the climate policy it will not be enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, it will be necessary …

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Carbon sequestration in the soil around wind park Krammer

12 May 2020

It is a great necessity to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. In the near surroundings of Wind park Krammer, Zeeuwind, Deltawind and farme…

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Interest and activities: Co-creation session in Hamburg very successful

20 March 2020

On March 5th, 2020, the German Carbon Farming partners Thünen and 3N met with some 25 people, representatives of consulting organisations, farmers, re…

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Inventory of Carbon Farming Techniques now online

20 March 2020

Carbon Farming basically means to return and focus on soil fertility. Especially in times of climate change, extreme weather events and increasing foo…

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