Healthy soils, healthy climate

The Carbon Farming project aims for a double goal: mitigate climate change and improve agricultural soils. How? By implementing carbon sequestration (CS) techniques on farm-level: fixing CO2 from the atmosphere in soils and improving the soil quality and biodiversity. Healthy soils, healthy climate. A win-win situation.

The seven partners of the Carbon Farming project are working between Sep 2018 and Aug 2021 to promote Carbon Farming in the North Sea Region. We believe that Carbon Farming is not only of interest for farmers, but that the whole society can benefit. We are therefore not only focusing on implementing CS techniques on farm, but also facilitate collaboration between farmers and interested parties, in- and outside the food chain.

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Latest Project News

Carbon Farming at the AGRITECHNIICA 2019

19 November 2019

The world's leading trade fair for agricultural technology, the AGRITECHNICA in Hannover (Germany) was the ideal place to spread the ideas of Carbon F…

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Policy day Carbon Farming in Brussels on October 17th

16 October 2019

How can policy support and stimulate carbon storage in agricultural soils? Lead partner ZLTO and project partner Innovatiesteunpunt bring together pol…

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Update from Norway

02 October 2019

Our Norwegian project partner - Norsk Landbruksrådgiving (NLRØ)- is a famers' organisation respresenting around 29.000 farmers around Norway. They for…

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Carbon Farming present @ Werktuigendagen

27 September 2019

Last weekend the 32nd edition of the Werktuigendagen took place in Oudenaarde, Flanders. This outdoor agro-fair welcomed nearly 70,000 visitors on the…

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Brainstormsession on potential incentives for carbon sequestration in Flanders, Belgium

27 September 2019

In September, Inagro and Innovatiesteunpunt organized brainstorm sessions on potential incentives for carbon sequestration in Flanders.

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