Healthy soils, healthy climate

The Carbon Farming project aims for a double goal: mitigate climate change and improve agricultural soils. How? By implementing so called carbon farming techniques, farmers fix CO2 from the atmosphere into carbon in their soils. The extra carbon in the soil improves water holding capacity, soil structure, soil biodiversity and nutrient availability! Healthy soils, healthy climate. A win-win situation.

The seven partners of the Carbon Farming project are working between Sep 2018 and Aug 2021 to increase the implementation of carbon farming techniques in the North Sea Region. We believe that Carbon Farming is not only of interest for farmers, but that the whole society can benefit. Therefore, we want to promote the implementation of carbon farming among farmers. Besides looking at the technical aspects on farm, we also facilitate in developing new business models. Together with farmers and interested parties, in- and outside the food chain.

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Latest Project News

A conversation with Heleen Klinkert about Carbon Farming

10 May 2019

Heleen Klinkert works as a project leader at Bionext, which is one of the Dutch partners of the European Interreg Carbon Farming project. Heleen grew …

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Call for Participation; Carbon Farming

08 May 2019

Call for cooperation on innovative business models for carbon fixation in the soil.

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Study day: Carbon Farming

10 April 2019

Last Friday, 5th of April, a study day on carbon farming was organized at Inagro, a practice oriented research institute in the Province of West-Fl…

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Carbon Farming went on stage in Germany

28 March 2019

Session: New line of business systemic soil improvement

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Regional meetings Conservation Tillage: The basics

19 March 2019

Last week three knowledge meetings were organised in the Netherlands on the application of soil measures for carbon storage in agricultural soils. The…

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