Healthy soils, healthy climate

The Carbon Farming project aims for a double goal: mitigate climate change and improve agricultural soils. How? By implementing carbon sequestration (CS) techniques on farm-level: fixing CO2 from the atmosphere in soils and improving the soil quality and biodiversity. Healthy soils, healthy climate. A win-win situation.

The seven partners of the Carbon Farming project are working between Sep 2018 and Aug 2021 to promote Carbon Farming in the North Sea Region. We believe that Carbon Farming is not only of interest for farmers, but that the whole society can benefit. We are therefore not only focusing on implementing CS techniques on farm, but also facilitate collaboration between farmers and interested parties, in- and outside the food chain.

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Latest Project News

The awareness of carbon farming in the agricultural sector, possible and used techniques and business approaches in the North Sea region. Short report of two surveys (2019 and 2021) – with data attachment

28 April 2022

Climate change is happening, and farmers are already affected by weather extremes. Action is needed to limit the temperature increase in the atmospher…

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Belgian farmers become carbon farmers together with Lidl

28 April 2022

Lidl starts a consortium with Boerenbond, Boerennatuur Vlaanderen, the Soil Service of Belgium and Rikolto to help Belgian farmers to make the shift t…

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ECO Innovation Congress in Papenburg with a strong focus on Carbon Farming

26 April 2022

Three years after the German project partner 3N Competence Center had presented the ideas of the carbon farming project at the last ECO Innovation Con…

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Carbon farming conference: a great success

14 December 2021

Our final conference was a great success. We reached an impressive number of interested farmers, policymakers, knowledge institutions, and other stake…

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Carbon Farming Consortium hands over white paper to Frans Timmermans

01 December 2021

Call from consortium: Give farmers the opportunity to make a significant contribution to tackling the climate crisis On Tuesday 30 November, an inter…

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