Welcome to Carbon Farming's website. Carbon Farming is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme September 2018 – August 2021.

Carbon Farming is in its initial phase and this site will be updated gradually.

The North Sea Region (NSR) faces soil degradation and biodiversity loss resulting from present-day agricultural production processes. Adopting carbon sequestration (CS) techniques in land management can help to reverse these processes and play an important role in food security and climate change mitigation. Greening the food supply chain through carbon farming (CF) will restore the organic component of the soil; actively remove atmospheric CO2, increasing soil biodiversity, and providing better nutrient and water holding capacity for crops. 

Project objectives:

  1. Stimulate the adoption of carbon sequestration by transferring different techniques and processes
  2. Validate the economic and ecological viability of carbon sequestration techniques
  3. Raise awareness of carbon sequestration as a key factor for greening the NSR agro-economy.

Latest Project News

Study day: Carbon Farming

10 April 2019

Last Friday, 5th of April, a study day on carbon farming was organized at Inagro, a practice oriented research institute in the Province of West-Fl…

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Carbon Farming went on stage in Germany

28 March 2019

Session: New line of business systemic soil improvement

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Carbon Farming: Fieldwork in Zeeland by ZLTO

07 March 2019

ZLTO together with a Dutch Research facility did a fieldwork at 15 arable farms in the province of Zeeland in The Netherlands. Due to the combination …

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