CANAPE: Your Pocket Guide to Sustainable Peatland Farming

02 February 2023 - Published by Harry Mach
Following 5 years of work, we have synthesised the CANAPE knowledge into a short guide for peatland land farmers and managers who are interested in trying something different.

Cover Art for the brochure

Download your copy of the Guide Here!

This guide, which has been produced in all languages of the CANAPE partners, is designed as a tool to be given to those that are interested in wetland farming, including paludiculture. It sets out in basic terms what Paludiculture is, why it can be a solution, and signposts to further opportunities. 

This guide is free to use and distribute. It has been produced in English, Danish, German and Dutch, and we will shortly be adding a version in French. 

For each version, a PDF and Docx has been made available. this is to reflect that the field of paludiculture is rapidly evolving, and to allow people doing outreach about paludiculture to adapt the guide to their needs.