CANAPE: Relive the Sustainable Peatlands Conference

04 January 2022 - Published by Harry Mach
The CANAPE & C-Connects Sustainable Peatlands Conference was a brilliant coming together of people across the field. To ensure the event has a lasting legacy, we are sharing the recordings and outcomes of the event.

Our event took place in Leeuwarden on the 13th to 15th of October 2021, with 6 sessions over 2 days, with over 40 speakers.  Fortuitous timing with Covid levels allowed us to have an in-person event, with some of us meeting for the first time in nearly 2 years. However, aware that not everyone would want to travel, we held it as a hybrid event, with large numbers joining online. Over 70 people came together in person, with another 100 joining online. 

We had two days of talks, which can be viewed at our YouTube Channel - followed by a day of site visits. For the full list of recorded talks, please scroll to the bottom of the page. 

The full conference report is available to be read here. 

A group of people on a viewing platform, looking out over a wetland landscape in the sun.

Our event concluded with a Day of Field visits, with groups going to Alde Feanen and Die Wieden to see practical restoration efforts on the grounds. 

Main Outcomes 

The conference covered the full range of wetland restoration and management, from the design and set-up of a project, capturing the benefits, and securing the funding needed to make the change. 

Building from the widely accepted premise that there must be significant wetland rewetting for the world to meet its climate targets, we explored the challenges of monitoring and how to ensure consistent & affordable reporting for wetland sites. Another key area of focus was affording the rewetting, whether this is through Paludiculture, or through alternative business models such as carbon credits and other Payments for Ecosystem Services. 

The recorded talks, covering these topics and more, are listed below. 

Speaker Presentation Title Video Link
Dr Hans Joosten The age of rewetting (Keynote Presentation)
Jasper van Belle Does spatial variation in a shallow peat lake offer opportunities for restoration?
Emiel Galetzka  Zuidlaardermeer Works
Dr Dan Hoare  Hickling Broad Restoration
Sarian Kosten  Greenhouse gas emissions from inland waters: quantification and potential mitigation measures
Dr Mark McCorry Bord na Mona on new approaches to peatland rehabilitation 
Dr Ivan Metrop  Typha cultivation: do's and don'ts
Andrea Kelly   Horsey Wetland
Peter Hahn  Store Vildmose
Jasper van Belle User-friendly GEST and IPCC-based modelling to calculate Carbon credits
Dr Laurent André Emissions of GHG from peatlands : a tool for managing scenarios of restoration
Dr Amey Tilak Water movement processes with the drained blanket peatland located in Ireland
Dr Annieke Borst Products from Peatlands
Andrea Kelly Charcoal from Waste wood
Peter Nailon Upland Peatland Business Models
Patrick Crushell Ecosystem services business model on Irish peatlands
Harry Mach Presentation of Pocket Guide
Dr Rob Collins Restoration and Monitoring of a UK Coastal Fen
Niall O'Brochlain   C-credit scheme in peatland
Dr. Nina Röhrig Transitioning to new business models: rewetting
Wilfried Heijnan  Valthermond Peatland Vision
Bert van de Wiel  Common Ground: resistance and support in the Frisian peat meadow landscape transition
Job van de Crommert Towards sustainable agriculture peatland management: a policy analysis on the Frisian Veenweidegebied
Dr Laura Herzog  Design for a Transformation Process in the Context of Climate Policy