CANAPE: Peatlands at COP26

09 November 2021 - Published by Harry Mach
As the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change enters its send week, we want to take a moment to highlight the work being done to promote peatlands in Glasgow.

Peatlands are a vital part of the solution to the global climate and biodiversity crises. The carbon stored in Peatlands is greater than the carbon stored the all forest biomass globally. Their degradation amounts to 5% of global emissions, despite degraded peatlands being less than 1% of global landmass. 

At this COP a Peatland Pavillion has been set up to inform delegates about the importance of peatlands, and to provide a platform for the sharing of expertise about peatland management.  The event is co-hosted by the UN Environment Programme, the Global Peatlands Initiative, and the IUCN UK. 

There is also a virtual exhibition that can be accessed by those unable to attend the conference here. 

Whilst the agenda (here) is packed full off too many interesting sessions to list here, we would like to particularly draw your attention to the event "Dialogues towards a European Peatland Initiative" on Friday the 12th of November, which is being organised by our colleagues in the C-Connects project 

12th November - 11:00 - 13:00 - Dialogues towards a European Peatland Initiative

Our CANAPE work has been featured as a video for COP, highlighting the potential of paludiculture in the broads.