CANAPE partners meet in Veendam

20 April 2018 - Published by Harry Mach
On Tuesday the CANAPE partnership was welcomed to Waterschap Hunze en Aas in Veendam by Geert-Jan ten Brink (Chair of the Waterschap), and Board members Tjip Douwstra and Fien Heeringa.

Following on from the Project Kick-off meeting in October, the CANAPE partnership came together for 3 days of workshops, meetings and excursions, including the first Project Steering Group meeting.

Alongside the steering group meeting a workshop was held on the PC Lake methodology, allowing partners to apply this methodology to their own water bodies. PC Lake is a method of modelling the status of shallow lakes to determine if they are likely to have turbid or clear water, and will form a part of the CANAPE work on lake restoration. By applying the model water management organisations can determine the impact of changing management practice or making modifications to the depth or shoreline of the lake. They can also identify which lakes are most likely to benefit from interventions, allowing resources to be effectively prioritised.

A further workshop took place on establishing the methodology to measure the carbon savings of the project across the pilot sites. We were fortunate to have a presentation from Christian Fritz of Radboud University on work that has been done in this area, which formed the basis for discussion on measuring the impacts of the project. This included looking at areas which have not been as extensively studied before, such as lake edge reedswamp. 

Cycling in the Hunze Valley

Cycling tour to visit restoration sites managed by Waterschap Hunze en Aas

The partners were given the opportunity to visit the beautiful Zuidlaardermeer, which will benefit from over 400 thousand euro of investment through the CANAPE project. The group took a cycle tour around some key sites and learned about the work the Waterschap Hunze en Aas has already taken in improving the water quality of the lake. Along the way, the group had the chance to see a White Tailed Eagle that has taken residence in the area.

Bird spotting on Zuidlaardermeer

View over the reedbeds at Zuidlaardermeer