CANAPE: Opportunity for contractors - Sphagnumfarm Barver picks up pace

02 July 2019 - Published by Harry Mach
The preliminary activities to establish a Sphagnumfarm in Barver, district of Diepholz, have been ambitious and substantial. As the project moves to the next phase, we are inviting contractors to tender for the construction works.

For decades, the site was drained and used as bog grassland, and has received a substantial amount of fertilizer.  Due to the drainage, the land has subsided by 30 to 50cm between 1997 and 2017. The carbon in the peat has dissolved into the air and formed CO2, contributing to Global Warming.

Furthermore, there is an uneven mineral layer beneath the peat in the Diepholz area, creating small variations in peat depth. These are not easy conditions to establish a Sphagnumfarm. However, this is the value of the CANAPE demonstrator, this site is a typical example for many other “dry” bogs.

To establish a Sphagnumfarm successfully under these circumstances, a lot of expertise, advice sessions and discussions have taken place. The interests of residents, stakeholders and hunters have had to be included.

Based on this work, the planning bureau Hofer und Pautz (Münster) has designed an optimal plan for coping the challenges of the Barver site.

To prepare the construction works, Hofer und Pautz have also drafted the contract specifications for works scheduled from September to October this year. Besides the earthworks and hydraulic constructions, also considering issues such as liability for premises or recreation rooms.

Due to this complexity, four different specifications are published now on german tendering platforms:

-          Site management (CANAPE 2019-2)

-          Earth works (CANAPE 2019-4)

-          Hydraulic Engineering (CANAPE 2019-5)

-          Power supply (CANAPE 2019-6)

The detailed contract specifications can be downloaded at The application deadline is the 2nd of August.  CANAPE warmly invites companies being interested to make an offer. 

For further information, please contact German project manager Jens-Uwe Holthuis at

Planning meet with Hofer und Pautz

Planning work with Hofer und Pautz