CANAPE: Innovation and Inspiration for World Peatlands Day

02 June 2021 - Published by Harry Mach
The 2nd of June is World Peatlands Day, a day to celebrate the value that Peatlands have for our climate and biodiversity. To mark this day, and to support policy makers, practitioners and land owners to get the most out of their peatlands, CANAPE along with 4 other international projects has launched a policy and practice guide.

The guide brings together shared experience across 5 peatland projects stretching from Ireland to the Baltic, all working on the various challenges for peatlands, and to maximise the climate, biodiversity and economic benefits of these incredible landscapes. 

CANAPE, CARE-PEAT, Carbon-Connects, DESIRE and Life Peat Restore all approach the same fundamental challenge. Too many of our peatlands have been drained or degraded, and this is releasing a significant amount of CO2 into our atmosphere, allowing nutrients to leach into our rivers, and causing  subsidence whilst raising the risk of flooding. Restoring peatlands to a natural state is a complicated task, with many technical, financial, and policy issues to overcome. 

The projects held a series of workshops at the end of 2020, taking advantage of the pandemic enforced remote working to bring stakeholders and experts together virtually from across Europe to share experience, knowledge, and learning. 

The outcome is this guide, which sets out the practical and policy steps that need to be taken to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions from peatlands. This is vital as in some European Countries the emissions of peatlands outweighs the sequestration by all other ecosystems. 

To download or read the guide, please click here!