CANAPE Chats Episode 3: Wetland Farming at Horsey

19 August 2021 - Published by Harry Mach
In our 3rd Podcast Episode, we look at the new paludiculture farm being constructed at the Northern Edge of the Broads National Park, in the UK.

As part of the extension of the CANAPE project, we have been able to develop an additional trial site in the UK, the first demonstration of Paludiculture in the Broads National Park. In this episode, Harry and Andrea sit down with the land owner Robin to talk through the project, its benefits for the local area, and the Greenhouse Gas emission savings possible with this type of project. 


If you are interested in other farms we have constructed through the CANAPE project, please see our episode on Barver Moor here, or our news article on Store Vildmose here.