CANAPE Chats Episode 2: Sphagnum farming

08 June 2021 - Published by Harry Mach
Today we are exploring the world of moss farming - a new crop with the potential to protect climate and nature whilst safeguarding farmer incomes.

Jens-uwe Holtuis (Stiftung Naturschutz im Landkreis Diepholz), Jasper van Belle (VHL University of Applied Sciences) and Harry Mach (CANAPE Project Manager) chat about the work carried out at Barver Moor by the CANAPE project.

The video begins with a summary of what sphagnum moss is, and then how we have grown it. We then talk about what you can do with this crop - to many people moss is just an irritant or something found in nature, we explore a wide range of potential projects. Lastly, Jasper takes us through the climate benefits of this type of farming, discussing what the carbon footprint of this site looks like. 


For more information on Sphagnum Farm Barver, visit our previous news story here, or our paludiculture page here. 


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