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CANAPE: Six months of learning and growing at Sphagnum Farm Barver

24 November 2020

Six months ago we presented the construction of Sphagnum Farm Barver, in Lower Saxony, Germany. This project in the Deipholz district is breaking ground to demonstrate the potential of carbon friendly…

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CANAPE: Biochar to save a historic tree

27 August 2020

William Kett was without doubt an impressive orator. When in 1549 a riotous mob arrived on his doorstep, he not only persuaded them not to burn down his house, but also persuaded them to apoint him th…

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CANAPE: A new farm in Store Vildmose

29 June 2020

For centuries peat has been an important resource, as people have drained the fens and bogs for land to produce food, and used the dried peat as a fuel. This leads to releases of CO2 from the dried pe…

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For a perfect sustainable sizzle, you need Broads Charcoal

11 June 2020

How a unique charcoal burner in the Broads National Park is helping people switch to a more sustainable BBQ.

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So how do you build a sphagnum farm?

29 May 2020

Farming moss might seem easy. The CANAPE project manager’s garden certainly has quite a lot growing without any human intervention. However, to produce a marketable quantity of crop, things are a litt…

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CANAPE celebrates International Day for Biodiversity

22 May 2020

One of the things that immediately takes your breath away when entering a wetland that is even remotely close to good status, is the sheer volume of nature that overwhelms you.

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CANAPE: Learning in Lockdown

24 April 2020

With schools out for a rather longer than anticipated summer, we need to find new ways to support learning about the importance of peat.

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CANAPE: Chasing down the fish (video)

19 March 2020

Our trackers have been gathering data over the winter on fish movements in the Fryslan lakes

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CANAPE: A new dawn for Barver Moor

27 November 2019

Over the last 20 years of drainage at Barver Moor, the land has fallen by a 30 - 50cm as the peat has degraded, boiling away into the atmosphere. This represents both a major source of CO2 emissions, …

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CANAPE: Hickling 2 - Return of the 20 tonne excavators

18 November 2019

7 months ago, having completed the first phase of our work on Hickling Broad at Chara Bay, we packed up and left the site for the summer. Now we are back for the 2nd season of work.

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