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CANAPE: Your Pocket Guide to Sustainable Peatland Farming

02 February 2023

Following 5 years of work, we have synthesised the CANAPE knowledge into a short guide for peatland land farmers and managers who are interested in trying something different.

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CANAPE: Zuidlaardermeer’s reedbeds are growing

15 December 2022

On the border of Drenthe and Groningen lies the beautiful lake of Zuidlaardermeer. It is popular for recreation, but also surrounded by wildlife, with bittern, buzzards and the occasional eagle. The m…

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CANAPE: Lets North Sea Video launched

23 November 2022

In the fourth part of the seven part series highlighting some of the unique and impactful projects and the change they are driving across the North Sea Region. In this video we travel to Norwich in th…

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CANAPE: Construction begins at De Nol

21 November 2022

After much careful planning and preparation, Natuurpunt has begun construction work at De Nol, Belgium. These works will raise the water level on De Nol, cutting the Greenhouse Gas emissions and prot…

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CANAPE Chats Episode 5: Rewetting De Nol

21 September 2022

Harry talks to Rudi and Frederik about the work underway in the Grenspark, a National Park on the border of Belgium and The Netherlands.

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CANAPE: Looking back at Barver Moor

11 August 2022

Without the CANAPE project, the field at Barver Moor would be an unremarkable former marginal ifarming area, alongside a substantial nature restoration project. Instead, it is a remarkable showcase fo…

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CANAPE: Looking back at Hickling Broad

27 June 2022

In 2018 we first reported that excavators had begun work at Hickling Broad. Over 4 years they have returned each winter to develop the restoration site, pausing each summer to avoid the busy boating p…

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CANAPE: Recording the Oral History of Barver Moor

16 May 2022

For two years, the Barver peat moss farm in the Diepholz district has been testing the climate-friendly wet management of moors ("paludiculture"). The project sees itself in a decades-long tradition o…

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CANAPE Chats Episode 4: Bream and water quality research in De Leijen

04 April 2022

Harry talks to Joop, Tsjippe and Jasper about VHL University of Applied Science's CANAPE work in De Leijen, a small lake in the northern Netherlands.

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CANAPE: Progress at Horsey Wet Farming Trial

11 March 2022

A 1.3 hectare field (about two football pitches) on the Horsey Estate is testing a new way of farming peatland. The demonstration field will retain water and create connection to the catchment via a c…

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