CANAPE: Follow the Fish

02 December 2019

The quiet waters of Friesland offer a chance to get away from the chaos of modern city life, however now even the fish have email addresses.

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CANAPE offers two guided excursions in Germany

16 January 2018

CANAPE is offering two guided excursions to be held in Germany, in association with the exhibition "climatic saver moor" in the European Competence Centre for Moor and Climate (Wagenfeld-Ströhen).

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CANAPE meets engineers to kick off design work

06 April 2018

Broads Authority staff meet engineers and visit previous project site to incorporate lessons learned into the new activities.

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CANAPE partners meet in Veendam

20 April 2018

On Tuesday the CANAPE partnership was welcomed to Waterschap Hunze en Aas in Veendam by Geert-Jan ten Brink (Chair of the Waterschap), and Board members Tjip Douwstra and Fien Heeringa.

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CANAPE celebrates International Day for Biodiversity

15 May 2018

The 22nd of May marks International Day for Biodiversity, and the celebration of 25 years of the Convention on Biological Diversity. This gives us a good opportunity to look at the benefits that the C…

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CANAPE welcomes students to work at Holter Meer

11 June 2018

Two bachelor students of Environmental Science from the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg are supporting investigatory work at Holter Meer, one of the pilot sites in the CANAPE project. Hotle…

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CANAPE: Monitoring at Lake de Leijen

23 July 2018

With the first full summer of the CANAPE project under way, our project teams are out and about, making the most of the good weather to get a head start on their activities.

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CANAPE: The long hot summer....

24 August 2018

Europe has sweltered under a heatwave all summer. And we have noticed the effects on our landscape.

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CANAPE: First ground broken at Lille Vildmose

21 September 2018

The work to return 2ha of arable grassland on the site of the historic Lille Vildmose to its natural state as a sphagnum bog began this week.

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CANAPE: First sediment dug at Hickling Broad

26 October 2018

The end of October marks the beginning of work in the CANAPE project to restore the reedswamp at Hickling Broad. Over the next 3 winters Broads Authority teams will work to construct a 1ha area of ree…

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