Welcome to the CANAPE project.

Creating A New Approach to Peatland Ecosystems

CANAPE is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020.

Fenlands and Bogs used to be a major part of the landscape in the low lying areas around the North Sea. Over time these flat landscapes covered in moss, grasses, reeds and sedges, broken up by shallow lakes and rivers, have lain down layer after layer of partially decomposed organic matter called peat.

For centuries peat has been an important resource, as people have drained the fens and bogs for land to produce food, and used the dried peat as a fuel. This leads to releases of CO2 from the dried peat, and a reduction in capacity of the land to store water leading to reduced protection from floods. 

The project Creating a New Approach to Peatland Ecosystems responds to these issues by restoring wetland areas to reduce their CO2 emissions and improve their capacity to store water, and by aiming to develop the markets for products produced from wetland ecosystems - a type of farming known as Paludiculture.

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CANAPE Chats Episode 2: Sphagnum farming

08 June 2021

Today we are exploring the world of moss farming - a new crop with the potential to protect climate and nature whilst safeguarding farmer incomes.

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CANAPE: Innovation and Inspiration for World Peatlands Day

02 June 2021

The 2nd of June is World Peatlands Day, a day to celebrate the value that Peatlands have for our climate and biodiversity. To mark this day, and to su…

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SAVE THE DATE - Sustainable Peatlands: A Win for All

13 April 2021

 13-15 October 2021: Sustainable peatlands: A Win for all

This 3-day conference brings together European stakeholders, managers and policy makers to discuss their visions on restoring and protecting pe…

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CANAPE Chats: Hickling Broad

31 March 2021

We are launching a "chats plus slides" series of podcasts to present the work that the CANAPE project has been doing. In this first Episode, we delve …

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