Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij - Flanders Environment Agency (BE)

Main role in the project:

Apart from contributing to the overall implementation of C5A, VMM specifically will apply the knowledge developed and gathered to a specific case: the Zwin area, a nature reserve at the North Sea coast on the Belgian-Dutch border that is threatened by sea level rise and silting as a result of climate change. In addition, VMM will take the lead on the policy learning activities (WP5) of C5A.


Benefit from participating in the C5A project:

VMM is a leading party in the development of climate adaptation strategies in Flanders. With C5A, Flanders can gain experience and insight in best-practises from across the entire North Sea region. Showcasing solutions from an integrated, cloud-to-coast perspective, C5A will increase the effectiveness of measures and facilitate a better cooperation between all stakeholders involved.


C5a case study: The Zwin

Website: www.vmm.be