Universiteit Twente - University of Twente (NL)

Main role in the project:

The UT will lead the work package on applying the C2C approach in practice through the seven case studies. We will also significantly contribute to the work package on co-creating the C2C approach. Our focus will be on collecting and analysing data for the co-creation and application of the C2C approach; synthesizing the Project results through transnational comparisons; identifying the barriers and enablers for applying the C2C approach; and developing a roadmap for climate adaptation pathways.


Benefit from participating in the C5A project:

C5A is a transnational and transdisciplinary partnership, aiming for extensive interaction between practitioners and knowledge organizations to co-create and apply an integrated approach, which will be both scientifically innovative and politically relevant. This approach aligns perfectly with our long-term research focus. C5A also gives us the opportunity to create new scientific and policy knowledge on resilience, which is a core research theme of our University.


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