Rijkswaterstaat - Ministry of Infrastructure and Watermanagement (NL)

Main role in the project:

RWS will be lead partner in the project and ensure the overall running of the project and will lead WP1 on Project management. RWS will contribute to communication and dissemination (WPs2 and 5), by using its own communication channels and networks. RWS will help coordinate and work in WP3, through active participation in the C2C development. RWS organizes the Dordrecht case study in WP4.


Benefit from participating in the C5A project:

  • Learn new ways of risk approach and adaptation to climate change;
  • Establish a whole of system approach to be used in management policy for the coming decades;
  • Influencing key policy makers and decision makers on watermanagement within the Netherlands on adopting this approach
  • To be able to implement a joint approach on climate change adaptation with key partners in the NSR and strengthen our relationship


C5a case study: City of Dordrecht

Website: www.rws.nl