Provincie Drenthe - Province of Drenthe (NL)

Main role in the project:

Within C5A four constituent systems will be analysed to give input for the C2C approach. Together with the Region Mittjylland we will collect the most relevant adaptation strategies from the Topsoil project to illustrate the need for a C2C. This will mainly consist of catchment related projects including the soil related issues. We will discuss and test the added value of the C2C approach in the flood plain Weijerswold. We will organize a workshop with stakeholders and report the outcome.


Benefit from participating in the C5a project:

Our main objective is to gain more knowledge on how to include sociological effects and economical effects within the regional planning related to climate change. At this moment climate change is only one of the elements taking into account by regional planning. Because climate change is changing slowly the importance of these long-term effects are not always clear enough for decision makers. We will be able to learn from other projects and improve our regional planning.


C5a case study: Weijerswold