Kystdirektoratet - Danish Coastal Authority

Main role in the project:

In the present Interreg program we are a partner in 3 Interreg projects, each focussing on different aspects related to the coasts. On this project we will strive to keep a focus on the usability of the developed C2C paradigm in practice, since it is vital for managing the risk of flooding and erosion in todays and tomorrows climate. The focus will also be on communication to the other authorities in Denmark, and the many landowners who are responsible for paying the coastal measures.


Benefit from participating in the C5A project:

In Denmark the legal framework is not integrating all sources of flooding. So this must be done voluntarily. A C2C paradigm that can be used to integrate all possible flooding and erosion sources in the practical management of the costs in Denmark in todays and tomorrows climate. A vital part will be the policy and capacity building that is expected to lead to more sustainable solutions for handling the risk of flooding and erosion in Denmark.


C5a case study: Ringkøbing fjord