The Cloud2Coast Website – A Whole-System Perspective to Climate Change Adaptation

10 June 2022 - Published by Elin Ljunggren
The C5a project is done – read about the results.

The aim of C5a was to enable greater integration and innovation in the adaptation to the physical, economical and social impact of flooding, while taking climate change into account. To help achieve this, C5a developed the Cloud2Coast approach that promotes adaption of a whole-system and long-term perspective to climate change adaptation.

The Cloud2Coast approach has been compiled on a new website that was developed within the project. Here you can find information about the approach, how it is used in practice and a useful toolbox. There is also information about the stakeholders and detailed information about the seven case studies done in Denmark, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Belgium and Sweden. Each case study provides an example of the Cloud2Coast approach applied in real life contexts.

Visit the website: www.C5aCloud2Coast.eu