Opportunity to Test the C2C Approach in the USA

23 January 2020 - Published by Elin Ljunggren
Opportunity to Test the C2C Approach in the USA

Several partners have expressed their interest to join the collaboration, amongst others the US Army Corps of Engineers, the North Carolina and Washington State Departments of Transportation and the university of North Carolina.

- From the RWS perspective we started to explore the possibility of linking C5a to the collaboration with the Americans, says Myrthe Leystra, Climate Advisor at RWS.

Talks have taken place with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) that is interested to provide an eighth case study for C5a; a project that will go into development in coming years.  North Carolina has a lot of experience in flooding. After a hurricane two years ago, one of the cities in North Carolina were completely cut off from the outside world for over eight days, due to inundation of their infrastructure. A case study in North Carolina therefore provides an opportunity to test the C2C approach where serious flooding happened.Establishing a collaboration will bring several advantages.

- We can peer review and test our C2C approach beyond EU boarders and disseminate our approach and methods of Interreg projects globally. Everything is not settled yet, but the optimism and the enthusiasm is high on both parts. We hope that the C5a/NCDOT collaboration will work out and we can share and disseminate knowledge/experience between our two continents, says Myrthe Leystra.