Cloud-to-coast approach is key in case study in Ringkøbing fjord

25 February 2021 - Published by Elin Ljunggren
The cloud-to-coast approach is key in the case study conducted at the Ringkøbing fjord in Denmark. With its location on the west coast of Jutland, where long wide beaches stretch throughout the coast the threat of erosion and flooding by sea is always present. But the fjord is also estuary of several smaller streams running trough different municipalities before flowing into the fjord. Together with rising subsoil water and periods of heavy rainfall these four types of water sources constitute a good example of the need for a whole system perspective and a C2C approach.


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Climate change adaption and water issues are always present in Denmark and The Coastal Authority is involved in several other projects, both national and Interreg projects. In C5a they see opportunities in taking on a new approach. - Ringkøbing is a good case for us to investigate which types of measures can be of use in several areas not just for one water issue, it is the first time we are looking at these issues with a whole system perspective including all four different sources of water, says Per Sørensen from the Danish Coastal Authority.

To gain the whole system perspective many stakeholders needs to be involved in the process. Along with the public authorities, representatives from local farmers, NGO’s, tourist organizations and nature conservation is also involved in the process.

- We did a stakeholder analysis of each type of water source and contacted all important stakeholders to get an including process, says Per.

Together with the municipalities and after gathering input from stakeholders a manual for climate adaption measures with a whole system perspective is being put together. But due to covid-19 some adjustments in planning have been made.

- The idea was to arrange a workshop in March but that is now planned to be held after the summer, and we’re hoping it will be possible to meet in person to discuss and further develop the manual, Per explains.

Working with the municipality also includes supporting them how to set up and reach their goals in climate adaption and dealing with water. Through the C5a project there is also hope to achieve change on a national level by taking experiences from the project and implementing it in the government’s climate adaption plans.