All hands on deck for cross-border cooperation - Watch film about advantages of working together from cloud to coast

18 November 2020 - Published by Elin Ljunggren
The Province of Drenthe is one of the partners in C5a. While Drenthe’s pilot does not deliver ‘tangible’ results, this partner is an important contributor to the C5a consortium. Namely as an advocate for the C5a approach during intensive talks in the regional political arena.

Cross-border cooperation is what Interreg projects like C5a is all about and this is applicable on all levels. In an effort to connect efficiently and effectively with the various stakeholders, Drenthe has created a simple explanatory film to tell the story of the shared advantages of working together along a whole river system –  from cloud to coast.

In the past, cities and towns have always managed individually in their battles against rising tides and deluges. The Dutch delta landscape is particularly threatened – now more than ever with the undeniable impacts of climate change. Going it alone is no longer an option. By approaching the challenges together, joint solutions can be developed to the benefit of all parties along  the system.

Inspired by the historical identity of one of the political players, the City of Coevorden  - an original fortress town with a famous goose market – and a flash of creativity based on Asterix & Obelix (last village standing), Drenthe tells the simple story of a Cloud2Coast approach. Working to fight the challenges of climate change together along the entire water system… together. It’s all hands on deck!

Watch the short film, made In collaboration with JulesMedia. Regular C5a followers may also recognize a fishy fisherman.

Pictures from making the film