The Cloud2Coast Website – A Whole-System Perspective to Climate Change Adaptation

10 June 2022

The C5a project is done – read about the results.

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Many Results Shared During the C5a Final Conference

10 June 2022

The C5a Final Conference took place during May 18-19, both on site in Sweden and online. During the conference, results and insights from the C5a project were presented. All partners were represented …

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C5a Workshop - Enabling a Flood Resilient Future

30 March 2022

30th March a co-convened online workshop between the Interreg North Sea Region C5a project and the Environment Agency was held.

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Join the C5a Final Conference 18-19 May 2022 online or on site in Karlstad, Sweden

17 March 2022

It's time for the climate project C5a Final Conference in Karlstad, Sweden or online. During the Conference, results and insights from the C5a project will be presented.

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We finally met again! 21-22 October, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

29 October 2021

After some time apart, the coordination group members got together in person for a meeting in Dordrecht. The participants that could not travel, joined in online instead.

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Case study in Värmland finished

10 June 2021

The case study in Värmland has now finished all of the planned activities and workshops in C5a. Read more about it in the last newsletter.

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De Staart as a safe haven in the event of a flood - Climate resilience and sustainability performance assessed

16 April 2021

In IABR–Atelier Dordrecht, the IABR, the city of Dordrecht and Rijkswaterstaat have studied the possibilities to turn De Staart into a safe haven in case of a flood threat, as well as a location in wh…

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The Cloud-2-Coast approach is tested in case study in Drenthe

08 April 2021

The Cloud-2-Coast approach is currently being developed and tested through the seven case studies in C5a. In a new report you can read about the work with the Cloud-2-Coast approach in the case stud…

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Are you curious about the Cloud2Coast approach?

23 March 2021

What is the Cloud2Coast approach? In this video you will get an explanation of what the approach is and also learn about a resilient society which is the outcome of the Cloud2Coast approach.

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Increasing the resilience of flooding in south-east England

10 March 2021

As a result of accelerating climate change, the Medway Catchment area in south-east England is facing an increased threat of flooding. By acting against this threat, the Kent County Council (KCC) want…

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