Weijerswold (NL)

Location: Province of Drenthe, the Netherlands, along the border with Germany

Case study lead: Provincie Drenthe - Province of Drenthe

Constituent systems: Catchment and city
Weijerswold is a potential floodplain along the river Schoonebekerdiep on the border with Germany. Storing water in periods of heavy rainfall is necessary to prevent the city of Coevorden from flooding. The flood plain Weijerswold has been extensively examined in various studies over the last 20 years owing to it being situated at a point where there is a conjugation of different (mainly agricultural) land use interests. The potential use of other storage areas will be included in the case study. The intended outcome is to achieve flood protection in the most cost effective manner, while creating multiple benefits with respect to the agricultural value of the area.
This case will involve sectors such as flood risk management, agriculture and urban planning. Stakeholders will include local, regional and water authorities, the general public and farmers.

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