Ringkøbing fjord (DK)

Location: Westcoast of Jutland, Denmark

Case study lead: Kystdirektoratet - Danish Coastal Authority

Constituent systems: Catchment, city, infrastructure networks and coast
The Ringköbing fjord is a combination of a narrow sandy eroding flood barrier with a very low-lying  hinterland on which cities have been built. Considering the imminent effects of climate change, many challenges are being presented in the case study. This low-lying area is a huge habitat for various aquatic, terrestrial and aerial species. A major pulling point for this location is its freely accessible long and wide beaches. There is a very vibrant tourism industry; creating the highest coastal tourist turnover in Denmark. In terms of multiple benefits the intended outcome is to create a more socioeconomically feasible strategy for climate adaptation and simultaneously provide a wide variety of services for the varying stakeholders around the Ringkøbing fjord.
This case will involve multiple sectors such as flood risk management, tourism, agriculture and fisheries, and stakeholders such as local authorities, infrastructure providers and SMEs.

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