Medway Catchment (UK)

Location: Medway Catchment, South East Engeland

Case study lead: Kent County Council

Constituent systems: Catchment, city, infrastructure networks and coast

The Medway catchment is an area of approximately 1,386km2 covering the Rivers Medway, Beult, Teise, Bourne and Eden. Across the area, over 9,000 properties are at risk from flooding, many of
which were significantly affected in the winter of 2013/2014. Kent County Council, as lead local flood authority, has an integral role in strategic management of flood risk, supporting economic growth
and infrastructure development and ensuring emergency preparedness, recovery and response in the area. Reducing the risk of flooding in the Medway catchment is a complex problem that can only be
solved by taking a holistic approach. While engineered flood solutions and maintenance have an important role to play, natural flood management offers opportunities to slow, store or filter flood
water and community resilience can reduce the risk and impact of flooding.

This case will involve sectors such as (infrastructure) asset management and spatial planning and stakeholders will include local authorities, utility providers, NGOs and local communities.

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