About C5a


The North Sea Region (NSR) is facing a significant increase in the frequency and severity of floods in response to climate change. Flood management approaches have to urgently adapt to this new reality to keep people safe, the environment healthy and our economies prosperous.

To respond to this challenge the project Cluster for Cloud to Coast Climate Change Adaptation (C5A) will deliver a from ‘Cloud-to-Coast’ (C2C) approach to the management of flood risk . Our whole-of-system approach will integrate four constituent systems (catchment, coasts, cities, infrastructure networks) and enable the development of multifunctional and adaptable solutions that deliver more sustainable, integrated and multifunctional solutions across the NSR.  To do so, we will build upon the outcomes of seven ongoing Interreg NSR projects to ensure our approach is both evidence-based and practical.

Building on the seven ongoing Interreg NSR projects, C5A partners will co-create the C2C approach. We will develop a multi-beneficial, advantageous and resilient way of working on flood management from Cloud to Coast that can be applied in practice.

We will organise 7 case studies, 2 sessions with EU DGs and a high level policy learning group. We will reach out to local, national, transnational and global networks to raise awareness and acceptance in- and outside the NSR. C5A builds capacity and support for the take-up of Cloud to Coast by relevant authorities and practitioners across the NSR, and beyond.